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COVID-19 Precautions

We are very aware of the fear and the threat COVID-19 poses to the general health of our community. 

The entire staff has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Below, we want to outline the things we are doing at our practice to keep you and your loved ones, as well as ourselves, safe through this pandemic. 
No one should be too afraid to seek medical attention.


Individual Room Air filtration

With the flip of a switch, we have an air filter that uses UV and activated carbon to filter COVID-19 as well as several other airborne pathogens out of the air, and neutralizes them. 
Here, Dr. Robinette is holding an adjustable unit. This is the head of the vacuum and is placed near the mouth of the patient so pathogens can not spread while being treated.



While sanitation has always been a part of our practice, the pandemic only emphasized how frequently and how many more surfaces we sanitize.


Social Distancing

Our lobby as well as our treatment rooms are spaced out and situated in a way to prevent getting uncomfortably close to others. Mask use is required within our office as well. 
We also do questionaries and temperature checks before your appointment.

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